Design Development

There is a precedent for mixed industrial uses on site and The Arch Company has been in discussions with planning officers at London Borough Southwark as the plans have evolved.

The delivery of new business space within the arches will create new job opportunities in the area, and the affordable workspace will assist small businesses and start-ups. This will help tackle London’s shortage of industrial space.  Redevelopment of the arches will enhance the local environment to create a safer and more attractive location for neighbouring residents. Occupied arches are less of a target for squatters and are more likely to discourage anti-social behaviour.

The Arch Company is committed to supporting local businesses through Project 1000, a £200m investment plan to bring 1,000 arches across England and Wales into productive use by 2030.

The Proposals

The proposed development would provide approximately 65,000 sq ft of much-needed light industrial, storage and business space in Southwark, including functional and flexible space to attract a variety of businesses.


The arches will be refurbished in two phases: blue and red. The blue phase incorporates ten rental units (25,000 sq ft) which will refurbished and will include front yard space to accommodate more industrial and logistic uses.

The red phase consists of 17 units (40,000 sq ft) that will be refurbished to cater for light industrial uses, and will include 10% affordable workspace.

The arches will be refurbished to ensure they are fit for purpose and the front of the arches will be infilled with brickwork, roller shutter doors and glazing above with opening vents.

Black / Red Phase Plan
Black / Red Phase Detail Plan
Blue Phase Plan
Blue Phase Detail Plan

Transport and Access

The arches will be accessed from the front of the arches on Corbett’s Passage, Corbett’s Lane and Silwood Street. There is no rear access to any of the arches.

In order to provide access to the arches, existing parking spaces along Corbett’s Lane and Silwood Street will need to be removed. A turning head within one of the arches is also required to ensure safe servicing.


The arches will not be operated 24/7 however, some deliveries may occur early in the morning. These will be managed through a delivery and servicing plan which will be discussed with and approved by London Borough of Southwark.

A noise assessment has been undertaken which has determined the proposed use of the arches will not raise noise levels in the area by any observable amount. Building services plant design limits have been set to achieve a rating level that will not exceed 5dB below the existing measured background noise levels.

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